Census 2011: Regions & Districts – Household Language (KS206) ( KS206-NRD )

This is the Household Language table (KS206) from the 2011 Census. The table provides data on the number of households which have:

  • All people aged 16 and over in household have English as a main language
  • At least one but not all people aged 16 and over in household have English as a main language
  • No people aged 16 and over in household but at least one person aged 3 to 15 has English as a main language
  • No people in household have English as a main language Data is for England, regions and districts.

The question was: What is your main language?

  • English
  • Other

The 2011 census in England and Wales took place on 27th March 2011. It provides a snapshot of the population and its characteristics on that day.

Further information about the census estimates, including details about the methodology is available here: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html


Identification Number: KS206-NRD
Authoring Entity: Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: © Crown Copyright 2012
Date of Production: 2012-12-11

Age – Age is derived from the date of birth question and is a person’s age at their last birthday. Dates of birth that imply an age over 115 are treated as invalid and the person’s age is imputed. Infants less than one year old are classified as 0 years of age.

Household – A household is defined as one person living alone, or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room or sitting room or dining area A household must contain at least one person whose place of usual residence is at the address. A group of short-term residents living together is not classified as a household, and neither is a group of people at an address where only visitors are staying.

Household language – Household language classifies households by the combination of adults and children within a household that have English (English, or Welsh in Wales) as a main language. Household language uses the alternate definition of an adult and child that are used in a small number of census results.

Main language – The language that is a person’s first or preferred language.

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