MK & Adjacent: Districts, Wards – National Statistics Socio-Economic Classifications (KS14) ( JD143C )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. This table provides information in number and percentages of population by National Statistics Socio-Economic Classifications (NS-SEC). National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SeC) was introduced by the Government to replace Social Class based on Occupation (also known as the Registrar General’s Social Class) and Socio-Economic Groups (SEG). A full-time student is a person of any age who has indicated that they were a schoolchild or student in full-time education. Full-time students and schoolchildren who were economically active are identified separately in the economic activity tables. They are not included in other categories of economically active such as ’employees’ or ‘unemployed’. In the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification all full-time students are recorded in the ‘full-time students’ category regardless of whether they were economically active or not. A person is defined as being long-term unemployed at Census if the year they last worked was 1999 or earlier. Socio-economic Classifications: 1 Large Employers & Higher Managerial Occupations 2 Higher Professional Occupations 3 Lower Managerial & Professional Occupations 4 Intermediate Occupations 5 Small Employers & Own Account Workers 6 Lower Supervisory & Technical Occupations 7 Semi-routine Occupations 8 Routine Occupations 9 Never Worked 10 Long-term Umemployed 11 Full-time Students 12 Not Classifiable for other reasons (includes people whose occupations has not been coded) More information can be found in this link:



Identification Number: JD143C
Authoring Entity: Office of National Statistics (ONS)
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