% of pupils achieving Level 4 or above at Key Stage 2 (2013): LEAs ( JD109Ed )

This table provides information about Key Stage 2 results for the subjects English, Reading, Writing and Maths. It provides the proportion of candidates achieving level 4 in test scores. In 2013: – English was calculated from reading test results and writing teacher assessment rather than from reading and writing tests as in previous years – Reading was calculated from reading test results – Writing was calculated from teacher assessment – Mathematics was calculated from mathematics test results The England figure includes those independent schools who chose to take part in Key Stage 2 assessments. Under the National Curriculum, as a result of the Education Reform Act 1988, four Key Stages to education were established. These are as follows: Key Stage 1: 5 to 7 years old Key Stage 2: 7 to 11 years old Key Stage 3: 11 to 14 years old Key Stage 4: 14 to 16 years old Pupils are assessed by National Curriculum tests at the end of each Key Stage. Key Stage 1 assessments are taken at age 7, Key Stage 2 assessments are taken at age 11 and Key Stage 3 assessments are taken at age 14. Key Stage 4 is assessed by levels of achievement acquired at General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) level.

Further information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-assessments-at-key-stage-2-2012-to-2013


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