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Theme Table 10: Workplace and Daytime Population – Milton Keynes and England and Wales ( PE92 )

This table was obtained from the 2001 Census, Theme Tables. The table provides information in numbers and percentages on various themes on the characteristics of the workplace and daytime population in Milton Keynes. Defintions 1. A dependent child is a person in a household aged 0 to 15 (whether or not in a family) or […]

Census 2001: Nations, Regions & Districts – Commuting Flows from and to Milton Keynes ( PE060C )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. This table provides information about people commuting flows from and to Milton Keynes. Commuting is the process of travelling from a place of residence to a place of work. Out Commuting is the occurrence of workers travelling from Milton Keynes to job locations outside Milton […]