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Council Plan EqIA

This assessment looks at the sixteen goals in the plan, recognising that they can be regarded in three ways: Seven (7) priorities link direct to a relevant equality objective. These are Budget, Housing, Homelessness, Education and Skills, Adult Health and Social Care, Children, and Mental Health. Three (3) priorities are not directly relevant to an […]

Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2015 Maps

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 (IMD 2015) combines a number of indicators, chosen to cover a range of economic, social and housing issues, into a single deprivation score for each small area in England. This allows each area to be ranked relative to one another according to their level of deprivation. As with the […]

2015 Milton Keynes IMD – Education, Skills & Training Deprivation Settlement / Estate Map

This is a pdf document outlining the Milton Keynes IMD – Education, Skills & Training Deprivation Settlement / Estate Map. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: November 2015 Files dc000117-education-skills-training-deprivation (3 MB)


The Annual Population Survey, published by the ONS,¬†looks at the qualifications held by the working age resident population.   Citation Authoring Entity: Office for National Statistics (ONS) Producer: Milton Keynes Council Files MK Qualifications 2014-2016 (10 kB)

Pupil Ethnicity (2014): Regions & LEAS ( PE096 )

This table provides information about Pupil Ethnicity as at January 2014 by school type. Education in England is a divided into: primary, secondary, further and higher education. Compulsory education lasts for 11 years; statutory schooling ages are between 5 to 16 years. Most pupils transfer from primary to secondary school at age 11 years. Note: […]

Social Atlas Datasets 2012-13 ( PE166e2013 )

This table is data from the 2012/13 Social Atlas it provides information about various social indicators at Estate and Settlement Level. Data is give for the indicators below as per 1,000 population/dwellings, rank (with 1 being the estate with most difficulties) and index (MK average=100). DEFINITIONS AND METHODS INCOME Housing/Council Tax Benefit Claimants July 2013 […]

16-18 Year Olds Not In Education Employment or Training (NEET) (2012): Regions & LEAs ( JD113Ed )

This shows estimates of the number and proportion of young people aged 16-18 who are not engaged in any form of education, job-related training or employment. This series is a 3 month average (November to January) snapshot estimate of the NEET rate taken from the Local Authority CCIS information system. Please note that the figures […]

GCSE Results by Ethnic Group (2012/13): LEAs ( PE130 )

This table shows the number and % of pupils achieving 5+ A*-C grades including English and Maths in GCSEs by broad ethnic group. Notes: Pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 in each academic year. Figures for 2008/09 – 2011/12 are based on final data, 2012/13 figures are based on revised data. From 2009/10 […]

Schools Census 2011

This tables outlines the results from the School Census (formally known as PLASC ) taken in January 2011. It details the ethnicity of all pupils (Nursery school, Primary school, Secondary school, 6th Form) in Milton Keynes schools who also live in Milton Keynes. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: April 2011 Files dc0001840-overall-in-milton-keynes-2011 (76 kB)