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First Language of Pupils (2003-2014): Regions & LEAs ( JD118Ed )

This table provides information about pupils whose first language is/is not English by Educational levels (Primary Education and Secondary Education). Education in England is a divided into: primary, secondary, further and higher education. Compulsory education lasts for 11 years; statutory schooling ages are between 5 to 16 years. Most pupils transfer from primary to secondary […]

% of pupils achieving Level 4 or above at Key Stage 2 (2013): LEAs ( JD109Ed )

This table provides information about Key Stage 2 results for the subjects English, Reading, Writing and Maths. It provides the proportion of candidates achieving level 4 in test scores. In 2013: – English was calculated from reading test results and writing teacher assessment rather than from reading and writing tests as in previous years – […]