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Age Appropriate EIA

The objective of this policy is to ensure MKCHS meets the regulations and guidance contained in the Children Act 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010. Further aims of this policy are:  To support the development of the workforce in taking account of the safeguarding needs of children and their parents as set out […]

MKC Equality Policy

Equality, Diversity and Cohesion are key ingredients in building a diverse, competent workforce, excellent people-centred services and promoting the general well-being of Milton Keynes’ communities and its citizens. It lies at the very heart of everything we do in employing people, providing services to people and in shaping the place they live and work. This […]

Equality Report: Discretionary Council Tax Awards

This is the fourth assessment of the Council Tax Support Scheme and focuses on the collected evidence one year into the scheme. The council adopted a discretionary fund methodology. This is a fund falling outside of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme that complements the Scheme by providing a means by which Council Tax Payers who […]

Provision Of Housing Related Support Services For Vulnerable People

As part of the 15/16 Budget (Council 25/2/15) it was decided that St Mungo’s and Orbit services should be recommissioned. Following a review of options for achieving this it is being recommended to the Council’s Procurement & Commissioning Committee that a new housing related support service be procured. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: December 2015

Financial Decisions 2016-2017 EqIA

An Equality Impact Assessment was conducted on all 131 savings proposals of which 17 were considered as being ‘significant’ and ‘relevant’ to equality. Similar decisions have been brought together to produce 13 indepth assessments. Recommendations In five (5) green areas, savings continue, as there is a potential to improve the advancement equality of opportunity. In […]

MKC Equality Performance Report 2015

The Equality Performance Report is the statutory published information showing how the Council complies with its Equality Duties. The Equality Duty requires the Council to have due regard to the need to: eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation; advance equality of opportunity; and foster good community relations   Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: September 2015