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Deaths and Mortality Rate (2002-2012): Regions & Districts ( JD125Pb )

This table provides data on the number of deaths in each area per year and the age-standardised death rates. Age-standardised death rates are derived from death registrations in 2012 and the mid-year population estimates. The directly age-standardised mortality rates used in these tables are for ‘all causes’ of death and include deaths at all ages. […]

Low Birth Weights (2004-2011): Regions & Districts ( PE122 )

Live and stillborn infants with low birthweights as a percent of all live and stillborn infants with a stated birthweight. This dataset contains counts of low birthweight (less than 2500 grams) live and still births births occurring in the calendar years 2004-2011 in England to mothers usually resident in England and Wales. Information is provided […]