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Milton Keynes Population, Household & Labour Market Projections Bulletin 2015/16

The Population, Household & Labour Force Projections Bulletin provides population estimates and population projections for Milton Keynes. It includes population projections for the borough, wards, estates and parishes. It also includes age profiles, housing projections, household types and labour force. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: February 2016 Files dc0001199-milton-keynes-population-household-labour-force-projections-bulletin-2015-16 (2 MB)

A Guide to Milton Keynes SubDistrict Geography

This guide outlines some of the ways Milton Keynes can be divided up into smaller areas for data analysis purposes. It also notes the main information available on the MKi Observatory at each sub district geography (e.g. Wards, Estates and Settlements, Parishes, and the SOA series).   Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: June 2013 Files […]

Milton Keynes Parishes – Population Projections 2011 to 2021 ( PE074 )

This dataset shows the population projections for Parishes in Milton Keynes to 2021. The figures have been taken from the Population Bulletin 2013/14. Please note that the forecasts are consistent with the 2011 Census results. Cohort component projection methods were used at Local Authority, and then at electoral ward level. Parish and estate population projections […]

2011 Census Parish Profiles

This document provides a statistical profile of each parish in Milton Keynes from data released via the 2011 Census. The profiles include data for the parish and a comparison to Milton Keynes Borough figures. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: April 2013 Files dc00092-finalparishprofiles (4 MB)