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Milton Keynes Borough – Past Population and Projections to 2026 ( PE097 ) : Urban Area

This table shows what the population of Milton Keynes will look like at the end of June each year to 2026, if forecast dwellings are completed as anticipated. The figures are broken down for the urban and rural areas as well as for the whole of the Borough. The figures have been taken from the […]

MK Insight 2016

Milton Keynes Insight, which was formerly called the Milton Keynes Social Atlas, provides a very quick and easy portrait of the available comparable information in 2015-16. Providing an indication of change, it is useful in establishing benchmarks and providing focus for those who plan strategy and resources. This ‘insight’ highlights the challenges that face the people […]

Regions & Districts – Usual Resident Population by Single Year of Age ( 201101SYOA )

This table is part of the ‘2011 Census: Population and household estimates for England and Wales’, the first release of results from the 2011 Census of Population for England and Wales. The table shows the population by region and local authority by single year of age. For the 2011 Census, a usual resident of the […]

MK & Adjacent: Districts, Wards – Marital Status (KS04) ( JD043C )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. The table provides information in numbers and percentages on population by Marital Status. The concept of marital status applies to the conjugal arrangements of a person. It includes persons who are living together as husband and wife, regardless of whether they are legally married or […]

MK & Adjacent: Districts, Wards – Age Structure (KS02) ( JD023C )

2001 Census population is obtained from Key Statistics. The table provides information in numbers and percentages by Age Structure. Age is derived from the date of birth question and is the age at a person’s last birthday. Dates of birth that imply an age over 110 are treated as invalid and the person’s age is […]