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Youth (18-24 yr olds) Unemployment Rates (Apr 2007 – Apr 2014): Regions & Districts ( JD74E )

These data were obtained from the claimant count, accessed via NOMIS. The table provides information about the total number and rate of youth unemployment. The rates from 2012 onwards are taken from the 2012 mid-year population estimates. Youth is defined as people aged from 18 to 24. The youth unemployment rate is calculated by dividing […]

MK: Wards – Pupil Ethnicity 2009-2013 ( PE114 )

This table outlines results from the 2009-2013 School Censuses. It details the ethnicity of all pupils (Nursery, Primary, Secondary, 6th Form) in Milton Keynes schools by the pupil’s ward of residence. The unknown row includes pupils living outside Milton Keynes. All figures have been rounded to the nearest 5. Totals may not sum due to […]