About year: 2008

MK: Crime by Major Type 2005-14 ( JD067Cr )

This table outlines major types of crimes recorded in Milton Keynes. It provides the information in number and percentage of crimes. Please note: Vehicle interference is no longer classed as vehicle crime and goes in with theft and handling offences. Data has be gained from Thames Valley Police. Population denominators are from the Population Bulletin […]

Long-Term Unemployment (Apr 2007 – Apr 2014): Regions & Districts ( JD59E )

This table provides information on the long-term unemployed, classed as those who have been unemployed and claiming Job Seekers Allowance benefits for over six months. Job Seekers Allowance claimant count records the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) and National Insurance credits at Jobcentre Plus local offices. People claiming JSA must declare that they […]

Youth (18-24 yr olds) Unemployment Rates (Apr 2007 – Apr 2014): Regions & Districts ( JD74E )

These data were obtained from the claimant count, accessed via NOMIS. The table provides information about the total number and rate of youth unemployment. The rates from 2012 onwards are taken from the 2012 mid-year population estimates. Youth is defined as people aged from 18 to 24. The youth unemployment rate is calculated by dividing […]

MK: Settlements – All Crimes ( JD75CR )

This table provides information on total of All Crimes. It contains information about the crimes committed in Milton Keynes (Settlements/Estates). A Crime is an act which violates a law of government for which there is no successful defence. A crime can be the action of violating or breaking the law, having the intention of doing […]

Income Support (2004-13): MK Wards ( JD133Sb )

This table provides information about Income Support claimants for Wards in Milton Keynes. All data represent a snapshot in time (August of each year) of claimants of Income Support. For detailed eligibility conditions and rules for claiming IS see the directgov website: https://www.gov.uk/income-support For further information please see: http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/articles/738.aspx From 27 October 2008 a new […]

Income Support (2004-13): Regions & Districts ( JD133Sa )

This table provides information about the number Income Support claimants and % of those aged between 16 to 64. Income Support (IS) is paid to those on low incomes who are not in full time work. Claim rates have been revised to reflect the 2012 Mid-Year Population Estimates All data represent a snapshot in time […]

Accidental Dwelling Fires (2008/9-2012/13): MK Wards ( PE056 )

This table outlines the number of accidental fires occurring in dwellings in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire between 2008/9 – 2012/13. Citation Identification Number: PE056 Authoring Entity: Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service Producer: Milton Keynes Environment Directorate Copyright: Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service 2013 Date of Production: 2013-11-05 Files ns434 (23 kB)

Average Gross Full Time Earnings (2006-13): Regions & Districts ( PE065 )

This table gives the average (median) gross annual earnings in £’s for full time employees. The data is obtained from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE). The figures in this table relate to full-time employees on adult rates whose earnings for the survey pay period were not affected by absence. They do not […]

Economic Activity (2004/5 – 2012/13): Regions & Districts ( JD52E )

This dataset shows economic activity from the Annual Population Survey 2004/5 to 2012/13. Economically active includes people of working age who are either in employment or ILO unemployed. The economic activity rate (working age) is the number of people, who are economically active aged 16 to 64, expressed as a percentage of all working age […]

GCSE Results (2005/6 – 2012/13): LEAs ( JD107Ed )

This table provides information about the % of pupils achieving GCSE and equivalent results between 2005/6 and 2012/13 by gender for each Local Authority and Government Office Region. The data was obtained from Department for Education. The total number of pupils are determined by the number of pupils on roll aged 15 at the start […]