About year: 2014

Milton Keynes Population, Household & Labour Market Projections Bulletin 2014-15

The Population, Household & Labour Market Projections Bulletin provides population estimates and population projections for Milton Keynes. It includes population projections for the borough, wards, estates and parishes. It also includes age profiles, ethnicity estimates, housing projections and household size. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: June 2015 Files dc0001198-milton-keynes-population-household-labour-market-projections-2015 (2 MB)


The Annual Population Survey, published by the ONS, looks at the qualifications held by the working age resident population.   Citation Authoring Entity: Office for National Statistics (ONS) Producer: Milton Keynes Council Files MK Qualifications 2014-2016 (10 kB)

Taxi Policy EqIA

The aim of the decision is to endorse and adopt a taxi licensing policy following a consultation with stakeholders and interested parties on its formulation. The policy seeks to improve standards for new taxi drivers; to formalise existing procedures already in place and to strengthen enforcement powers / guidance on relevance of convictions.   Publisher: […]

Social Care & Health Self Directed Support: Independent Information, Advice & Enabling Service EqIA

Following a review of current service provision undertaken by the Joint Commissioning Team, the Assistant Director for Joint Commissioning is recommending to the Council’s Cabinet Procurement Committee that the Advice & Support Service is retendered using an open tender process. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: December 2014 Files dc0001927-social-care-health-self-directed-support-independent-information-advice-enabling-service-eqia (76 kB)


The Site Allocations Plan is being prepared to support the delivery of the Milton Keynes Core Strategy (adopted July 2013), to maintain a five year land supply of deliverable housing sites. Cabinet is recommended to approve the Site Allocations Plan: Issues and Options document for an eight week consultation period. When adopted, Plan:MK will be […]