About year: 2016


The Office for National Statistics publishes information on Gross Value Added (GVA).  GVA can be defined as the increase in the value of the economy due to the production of goods and services. Data is available on total GVA, GVA per head and annual growth. Latest GVA figures   Citation Authoring Entity: Office for National […]

Unemployment 2017

Unemployment rates for Milton Keynes, including links to unemployment reports. Latest Unemployment Figures The number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) in Milton Keynes stood at 2,135 in May 2017.  This represents a JSA claimant rate of 1.3% which is slightly above the rate in both the UK (1.2%) and the South East (0.8%). Milton Keynes […]

MK Insight 2016

Milton Keynes Insight, which was formerly called the Milton Keynes Social Atlas, provides a very quick and easy portrait of the available comparable information in 2015-16. Providing an indication of change, it is useful in establishing benchmarks and providing focus for those who plan strategy and resources. This ‘insight’ highlights the challenges that face the people […]

What are Equality Impact Assessments?

Demonstrating equality is at the heart of Milton Keynes Council’s strategy and practice. Equality impact assessments (EqIA) are a tool to help colleges and universities ensure that their policies, practices and decisions are fair, meet the needs of their staff and students and that they are not inadvertently discriminating against any protected group. Legal requirements EIA is […]

Housing Revenue Account EqIA

A Equality Impact Assessment  was completed and found that it was difficult to isolate the impact on equality. The reduction, which continues a series of year-by-year reductions, will have an effect on the Council’s income, affecting its ability to build council houses and regenerate existing ones, both of which have far-reaching equality consequences. In general, […]

Financial Decisions EqIA 2015-16

This is an Equality Impact Assessment of the Medium Term Financial Plan. Under equality legislation, the Council has a legal duty to pay ‘due regard’ to the need to: eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation; advance equality of opportunity between different groups; and foster good relations between different groups.   Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: […]

Financial Decisions 2016-2017 EqIA

An Equality Impact Assessment was conducted on all 131 savings proposals of which 17 were considered as being ‘significant’ and ‘relevant’ to equality. Similar decisions have been brought together to produce 13 indepth assessments. Recommendations In five (5) green areas, savings continue, as there is a potential to improve the advancement equality of opportunity. In […]