Average Gross Full Time Earnings (2006-13): Regions & Districts ( PE065 )

This table gives the average (median) gross annual earnings in £’s for full time employees. The data is obtained from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE). The figures in this table relate to full-time employees on adult rates whose earnings for the survey pay period were not affected by absence. They do not include the earnings of those who did not work a full week, and whose earnings were reduced because of sickness, short time working, etc. Also they do not include the earnings of employees not on adult rates of pay, most of whom will be young people. Blank values in the table relate to suppressed data due to issues of confidentiality and unreliability. There are two types of date in the table one for where people are resident and one for where they work. The ASHE is based on a 1 per cent sample of employees in employment; information on earnings and hours is obtained in confidence from employers. It does not cover the self-employed. The data is subject to sampling variability the standard error as a percentage of the figure have been published with the data. ONS use the following values to give an indication of the quality of an estimate: 5% or lower Precise over 5%, up to 10% Reasonable precise over 10%, up to 20% Acceptable, but use with caution over 20% unreliable, figures suppressed – = Missing figures

Further information: http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/articles/793.aspx


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