Business Size Distribution (2013): Regions & Districts ( JD61E )

The data shows the business size distribution for March 2013. It is released by the Office for National Statistics via the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR). The business size is determined by the number of employees working for the company at that location. Business size is divided into the following classifications: All Businesses 0 to 4 employees 5 to 9 employees 10 to 19 employees 20 to 49 employees 50 to 99 employees 100 to 249 employees 250 to 499 employees 500 to 999 employees 1000+ employees Note: totals have been rounded to the nearest 5.


Identification Number: JD61E
Authoring Entity: Office For National Statistics
Copyright: Office For National Statistics
Date of Production: 2013-10-10