Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Milton Keynes CCG 2014

This commissioning for value focus pack, produced at Milton Keynes CCG level, looks at the CVD programme area to understand variation across the country and improve the value of commissioned services across the pathway.

The profile is divided into 5 sections relating to:

  • Prevention Prevalence
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Social Care

The overarching messages are that:

  • Milton Keynes Public Health needs to focus on reducing the prevalence of binge drinking and continue to work on smoking cessation, particularly in patients with a long term condition.
  • There could be significant benefit to Milton Keynes’ patients if improvement to primary care management indicators were made.
  • Milton Keynes has high numbers of emergency admission to hospital for CHD and heart failure.

Metadata for the indicators is at:

For methodology of deriving the 10 most similar CCGs go to: