Census 2001: MK: Parishes – Household Spaces and Accommodation Type (KS16) ( JD169C )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. The table provides information in numbers and percentages on population by Household Spaces and Accommodation type.

A household was defined as one person living alone, or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address with common housekeeping – that is, sharing either a living room or sitting room or at least one meal a day. A household space is the accommodation occupied by an individual household or, if unoccupied, available for an individual household. The distinction between second residence/ holiday accommodation and vacant accommodation for unoccupied household spaces is based on information provided by the enumerator. Households that returned a form but which prove to be all visitor households are classified as second/ holiday homes in output. An unoccupied dwelling is classified as second/holiday home if at least one of the household spaces within it (or the single household space if the dwelling is unshared) is a second/holiday home.

Accommodation type describes the type of accommodation occupied by an individual household, or if unoccupied, available for an individual household, for example the whole of a terraced house or a flat in a purpose-built block of flats.


Identification Number: JD169C
Authoring Entity: Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: © Crown copyright 2003. Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO.
Date of Production: 2004-08-18

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:all_household_spaces.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of all household spaces”]

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:with_residents.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of all household spaces with residents”]

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:with_no_residents.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of all household spaces with no residents”]

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:whole_house_or_bungalow.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of whole house or bungalow”]

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:flat_or_maisonette_or_apartment.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of flat maisonette or apartment”]

[mkichart type=”parish” dim=”global:housing.global:caravan_or_other_mobile.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of caravan or other mobile”]