Census 2001: MK: Settlements – Usual Resident Population (KS01) ( JD019C )

This table is from the Census 2001, Key Statistics. The table provides information in numbers and percentages about usual residents.

A usual resident was generally defined as someone who spent most of their time at a specific address.

A household comprises one person living alone, or a group of people living at in the same address with common housekeeping – that is, sharing either a living room or sitting room or at least one meal a day.

A household resident is any person who usually lives at the address, or who has no other usual address.

A communal establishment is defined as an establishment providing managed residential accommodation. Managed means full-time or part-time supervision of the accommodation.

Students and schoolchildren in full-time education studying away from the family home are treated as resident at their term-time address. Where the term ‘students away from home’ is used they are being referred to at their ‘home’ or ‘vacation’ address.

The confidentiality of personal Census information is paramount, and disclosure protection measures are used to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of information about identifiable individuals. This involves adjustments to small counts which means that different tables may show different counts for the same area or population.


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[mkichart type=”estate” dim=”global:population.global:all_people.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of usual residents”]

[mkichart type=”estate” dim=”global:population.global:in_households.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of residents who live in the household”]

[mkichart type=”estate” dim=”global:population.global:communal_establishments.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of residents who live in a communal establishment”]

[mkichart type=”estate” dim=”global:population.global:students_away_from_home.global:census_2001″ title=”Number of students who live away from  home”]