Census 2011: Regions & Districts – Marital & Civil Partnership Status (KS103) ( KS103-NRD )

This is the Marital and Civil Partnership Status table (KS103) from the 2011 Census. The table provides data on the marital status of people aged 16+. Data is for England, regions and districts.

The question was: On 27 March 2011, what is your legal marital or same-sex civil partnership status? Never married and never registered a same-sex civil partnership Married / In a same sex civil partnership Separated but still legally married / In a same sex civil partnership Divorced / Formerly in a same sex civil partnership which is now legally dissolved Widowed / Surviving partner from a same-sex civil partnership. The 2011 census in England and Wales took place on 27th March 2011. It provides a snapshot of the population and its characteristics on that day.

Further information about the census estimates, including details about the methodology is available here: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html


Identification Number: KS103-NRD
Authoring Entity: Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: © Crown Copyright 2012
Date of Production: 2012-12-11


Marital and civil partnership status – Marital and civil partnership status classifies an individual according to their legal marital or registered same-sex civil partnership status as at census day, 27 March 2011. This topic is the equivalent of the 2001 Census topic ‘Marital status’, but has undergone significant revision to take account of the Civil Partnership Act which came into force on 5 December 2005. Marital and civil partnership states include married/in a registered same-sex civil partnership, separated (but still legally married/in a registered same-sex civil partnership), divorced/formerly in a registered same-sex civil partnership or widowed/surviving same-sex civil partner. Although the term ‘single’ is widely used to cover people in a number of states such as divorced or separated it is not a legally recognised status and was not an option on the census questionnaire. In census results the term ‘single’ is used to refer only to someone who has never been married or in a registered same-sex civil partnership, which were options on the census questionnaire.”

Usual resident – The main population base for outputs from the 2011 Census is the usual resident population as at census day 27 March 2011. Although the population base for enumeration included non-UK short-term residents, this population is analysed separately and is not included in the main outputs from the 2011 Census. All outputs, unless specified, are produced using only usual residents of the UK. For 2011 Census purposes, a usual resident of the UK is anyone who, on census day, was in the UK and had stayed or intended to stay in the UK for a period of 12 months or more, or had a permanent UK address and was outside the UK and intended to be outside the UK for less than 12 months.

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:all_usual_residents_aged_16_and_over.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of usual residents aged 16 and over”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:single_-never_married_or_never_registered_a_same-sex_civil_partnership.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of single residents (never married or never registered a same-sex civil partnership)”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:married.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of married residents”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:in_a_registered_same-sex_civil_partnership.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of residents in a registered same-sex civil partnership”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:separated_-but_still_legally_married_or_still_legally_in_a_same-sex_civil_partnership.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of separated residents (but still legally married or still legally in a same-sex civil partnership)”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:divorced_or_formerly_in_a_same-sex_civil_partnership_which_is_now_legally_dissolved.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of residents  divorced or formerly in a same-sex civil partnership which is now legally dissolved”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:population.global:widowed_or_surviving_partner_from_a_same-sex_civil_partnership.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of  residents widowed or surviving partner from a same-sex civil partnership”]