Census 2011: Wards & OA: MK & South East Midlands – Tenure (K402) ( KS402-Ward )

This is the Tenure table (KS402) from the 2011 Census. The table provides data on the number of households by their tenure.

Data is for England, South East Midlands Districts and Wards and Milton Keynes LSOAs and OAs.

The questions were: Does your household own to rent this property? Tick one box only

  • Owns outright
  • Owns with a mortgage or loan
  • Part owns and part rents (shared ownership)
  • Rents (with or without housing benefit)
  • Lives here rent free

If a respondent answered with one of the last three options they then answered the following question:

Who is your landlord? Tick one box only

  • Housing association, housing co-operative, charitable trust, registered social landlord Council (local authority) Private landlord or letting agency
  • Employer of a household member Relative or friend of a household member
  • Other

The 2011 census in England and Wales took place on 27th March 2011. It provides a snapshot of the population and its characteristics on that day.

Further information about the census estimates, including details about the methodology is available here: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html


Identification Number: KS402-Ward
Authoring Entity: Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: Crown Copyright 2013
Date of Production: 2013-02-07

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:all_households.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of all households”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:owned.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of owner occupied households”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:owned-_owned_outright.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of owner occupied households: owned outright”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:owned-_owned_with_a_mortgage_or_loan.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of owner occupied households: owned with a mortgage or loan”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:shared_ownership_-part_owned_and_part_rented.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of shared ownership households: part owned and part rented”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:social_rented.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of social rented households”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:social_rented-_rented_from_council_-local_authority.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of social rented households: rented from council (local authority)”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:social_rented-_other.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of social rented households: other”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:private_rented.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of private rented households”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:private_rented-_private_landlord_or_letting_agency.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of private rented households: private landlord or letting agency”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:private_rented-_other.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of private rented households: other”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:housing.global:living_rent_free.global:census_2011″ title=”Number of living rent free households”]