Children in Low-Income Families (2006-11): MK Wards ( PECP2012 )

This table shows the data for the local Children in Low-Income Families measure (formerly National Indicator 116) at Ward level for Milton Keynes from 2006 to 2011. Children in Low-Income Families Definition: The proportion of children living in families in receipt of out of work benefits or tax credits where their reported income is less than 60% median income. The proportion of children in poverty is calculated as: Number of children living in families in receipt of CTC whose reported income is less than 60 per cent of the median income or in receipt of Income Support or (Income-Based) Job Seekers Allowance, divided by the total number of children in the area (determined by Child Benefit data). Under 16 = Children aged under 16 All Children = All dependent children under the age of 20

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Identification Number: PECP2012
Authoring Entity: HM Revenue and Customs
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
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Date of Production: 2012-10-04