Deaths and Mortality Rate (2002-2012): Regions & Districts ( JD125Pb )

This table provides data on the number of deaths in each area per year and the age-standardised death rates. Age-standardised death rates are derived from death registrations in 2012 and the mid-year population estimates. The directly age-standardised mortality rates used in these tables are for ‘all causes’ of death and include deaths at all ages. The rates are standardised to the 1976 European Standard Population (ESP), expressed per 100,000 population. It is the same for both males and females, so standardised rates may be compared for each sex, and between males and females. The ESP is a hypothetical population but is particularly useful for comparisons between different countries, over time and between sexes. City of London has been grouped with Hackney and the Isles of Scilly UA has been grouped with Cornwall UA because of the very small number of deaths in these areas.

Identification Number: JD125Pb
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