District Index of Child Well-Being ( PE213 )

The Child Well-being Index (CWI) is produced for Communities and Local Government by the Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) and the Social Disadvantage Research Centre (SDRC) at the University of Oxford. It is produced at Lower Super Output Area level (LSOAs) and is made up of seven domains. This an index of child well-being rather than an index of deprivation, mainly because it contains variables that are not strictly related to deprivation. The SOA with a rank of 1 has the highest level of well-being, and 32,482 the lowest well-being in England, on this overall measure. The seven domains included in the CWI are:
• Material well-being
• Health
• Education
• Crime
• Housing
• Environment
• Children in need

The CWI is based on the approach, structure and methodology that were used in the construction of the ID 2007.  Where possible the indicators relate to 2005 and are presented at LSOA level. The denominators at LSOA level for 2005 were provided by the Office for National Statistics’ Small Area Population Estimation Unit.

For the indicators where numerators were derived from the 2001 Census, the denominators were also drawn from the Census. Detailed methdology notes can be found on the Communities and Local Government website: http://www.communities.gov.uk/publications/communities/childwellbeing2009


Identification Number: PE213
Authoring Entity: Communities and Local Government
Copyright: Communities and Local Government
Date of Production: 2009-08-20