Focus of Gyspy & Travellers Statistical Bulletin

The population of people who identified as Gypsy or Irish Travellers in the 2011 Census was seventy two (72) people. The age structure is similar to many other ethnic communities in Milton Keynes. The Children and Young people are various ages up to the age of 16. There is evidence that the structure is quite stable.

  • The percentage of Traveller & Gypsy households that have more than 1.5 persons per room is higher than both the national proportion of Gypsy & Travellers and that of the local Bangladeshi community
  • Not everyone who rents a pitch from the Council identifies themselves as either Irish Traveller or Gypsy. The term used to describe people who chose a style of accommodation is not necessarily synonymous with the term used to describe the ethnicity. Therefore the ethnicity, those who live in mobile accommodation and those who camp illegally may or may not be Gypsy and Irish Travellers.
  • Outside of a group that has never worked, Gypsies and Travellers in Milton Keynes are doing better overall than similar groups in England. The occupation status gap is not as big as Gypsy and Travellers nationally and compares better locally than the Bangladeshi group. The economic activity data is to some extent skewed by a number of Gypsy and Travellers that must be understood as having unknown economic status.