ILO (International Labour Organization) Unemployment (2007-13): Regions & Districts ( PE115 )

This dataset provides figures for modelled ILO Unemployment for districts and regions in England. Official estimates of unemployment are produced by ONS based upon the ILO (International Labour Organization) definition. A separate series – the claimant count – measures how many unemployed people are claiming unemployment-related benefits. ILO Unemployment is a count of jobless people who want to work, are available to work, and are actively seeking employment. The ILO definition is used internationally, so comparisons between countries can be made, and it also allows for consistent comparisons over time. The district results are modelled results based on the Annual Population Survey and the claimant count. It is subject to sampling differences confidence levels are added to this dataset. The rate is the number of people unemployment as a percentage of the economically active population aged 16+. Regional results are from the Annual Population Survey. Blank values denote missing or suppressed data.

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Identification Number: PE115
Authoring Entity: ONS
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: Crown Copyright 2014
Date of Production: 2014-04-16