Income Support (2004-13): Regions & Districts ( JD133Sa )

This table provides information about the number Income Support claimants and % of those aged between 16 to 64. Income Support (IS) is paid to those on low incomes who are not in full time work. Claim rates have been revised to reflect the 2012 Mid-Year Population Estimates All data represent a snapshot in time of claimants (partners and dependants) on the Income Support Computer System (ISCS), and will therefore exclude a number of cases that are held clerically. IS Claim rates are calculated using the people aged 16-64 from the 2004-10 Mid-Year population estimates. For detailed eligibility conditions and rules for claiming IS see the directgov website: For further information please see: From 27 October 2008 a new benefit called Employment and Support Allowance replaced Incapacity Benefit and Income Support paid on incapacity grounds for new customers. This will have the effect of lowering the number of people claiming income support.


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