MK: Settlements – Criminal Damage ( JD78CR )

This table provides information on total and Per 1000 population of Criminal Damages. The data includes criminal damage in Milton Keynes Settlements. Definition of Criminal Damage: A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property, whether belonging to himself or another– (a) intending to destroy or damage any property or being reckless as to whether any property would be destroyed or damaged; and (b) intending by the destruction or damage to endanger the life of another or being reckless as to whether the life of another would be thereby endangered; shall be guilty of an offence. Population denominators are from the Population Bulletin 2013/14.


Identification Number: JD78CR
Authoring Entity: Thames Valley Police
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: © Copyright 2014
Date of Production: 2014-04-24