MKC Equality Performance Report 2013

The highlights of equality performance in 2012/13 are: An improving trend in five (5) of the nine equality areas that the Council has focused on since 2010. Council’s policies are successful in providing a fair basis for recruitment. Key indicators are better than Derby City Council, which is nationally celebrated. “Many examples of the Council achieving good outcomes as a result of responsive services”, was the finding of an external review. They also found:

  •  Increases in group and service engagement, with an increase in participation;
  •  Equality Impact Assessments contributing to service and decisions adjustments and improved service knowledge, including staff profiles;
  •  Notable practice in most service areas;
  •  Service Users reporting improved respect.

However the review also observed that more work was needed to ensure that these outcomes are support by a sustainable process.

Publisher: Milton Keynes Council

Date: September 2013