Number of Employees per Sector (2009-2012): Regions & Districts

This data is from The Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) conducted by ONS. It surveys businesses and reports on the number of employees and people in employment.


  • All values have been rounded to the nearest 100
  • Definition of terms:
    • Employees – An employee is anyone aged 16 years or over that an organisation directly pays from its payroll(s), in return for carrying out a full-time or part-time job or being on a training scheme. It excludes voluntary workers, self-employed, working owners who are not paid via PAYE
    • Working Proprietors are sole traders, sole proprietors, partners and directors. This does not apply to registered charities
    • Employment = employees + working proprietors
    • Part time – those working 30 hours or less per week
    • Full time – those working more than 30 hours per week
  • Figures marked “-” have been suppressed
  • BRES is a business survey which collects employment information. Users should be aware that the data presented are estimates, subject to both sampling errors (arising from the fact that the BRES is a survey, not a census) and non-sampling errors

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