O2C ARC: Districts & SOAs – Index of Multiple Deprivation (2010) ( IMD2010a )

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 (IMD 2010) is a measure of multiple deprivation at the small area level. The IMD 2010 is based on the idea of distinct dimensions of deprivation which can be recognised and measured separately. These are then combined into a single overall measure. The IMD 2010 was constructed by combining the seven transformed domain scores, using the following weights:

* Income (22.5%)
* Employment (22.5%)
* Health and Disability (13.5%)
* Education, Skills and Training (13.5%)
* Barriers to Housing and Services (9.3%)
* Crime (9.3%)
* Living Environment (9.3%)

Each of the domains has a score and then a rank. The score was constructed by combining the indicators within that domain. The Rank is the rank of the Domain Score. The LSOA with a rank of 1 is the most deprived, and 32482 the least deprived, for each domain.


Identification Number: IMD2010a
Authoring Entity: CLG
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Date of Production: 2011-03-28