Census 2001 – O2C ARC: Districts, Wards – Occupational Groups (KS12) ( JD122C )

These data were collected from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. This table provides information in numbers and percentages on Population by Occupational Groups.

A person who carried out paid work in the week before the Census, whether self-employed or an employee, is described as employed or in employment. ‘Paid work’ includes casual or temporary work, even if only for one hour; being on a government-sponsored training scheme; being away from a job/business ill, on maternity leave, on holiday or temporarily laid off; or doing paid or unpaid work for their own or family business.

A person’s occupation is coded from the responses to the questions asking for the full title of the main job and the description of what is done in that job. The main job is the job in which a person usually works the most hours. Questions on employment related to each person’s main job.

List of Occupational Groups: 1 Managers & Senior Officials 2 Professional Occupations 3 Associate Professional & Technical Occupations 4 Administrative & Secretarial Occupations 5 Skilled Trades Occupations 6 Personal Service Occupations 7 Sales & Customer Service Occupations 8 Process, Plant & Machine Operatives 9 Elementary Occupations


Identification Number: JD122C
Authoring Entity: Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
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Date of Production: 2004-08-09

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:population_projection.global:aged_16_-_74″ title=”Population by occupational groups: aged 16-74″]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:managers,_snr_officials” title=”Population by occupational groups: manager, senior officials”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:professional” title=”Population by occupational groups: professional”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:associate_prof_and_tech.global:” title=”Population by occupational groups: associate professional and technician”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:admin_and_secretarial” title=”Population by occupational groups: admin and secretarial”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:skilled_trades” title=”Population by occupational groups: skilled trades”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:personal_service” title=”Population by occupational groups: personal service”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:sales_and_cust_service” title=”Population by occupational groups: sales and customer service”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:plant_and_machine_oper.global:” title=”Population by occupational groups: plant and machine operator”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:elementary” title=”Population by occupational groups: elementary”]