O2C ARC: Wards – Estimates of Income 2001/02 ( PE116 )

This table provides model based estimates of income at ward level for all wards in the Oxford to Cambridge ARC for 2001/2. There are two measure of income; Total- which gives the total household income and; Net- which gives the total income minus taxes and housing costs and adjusted to reflect household characteristics. The modelling methodology enables survey data to be combined with census and administrative data to improve the quality of estimates at small area level. As the estimates are model-based they are different to standard direct estimates obtained from surveys and from statistics provided by administrative sources. These estimates provide a sound and reliable basis for comparing average income at ward level.The accuracy of the estimates is indicated primarily by the confidence intervals that have been calculated for every ward estimate. Total household weekly income – is the sum of the gross income of every member of the household plus any income from benefits such as Working Families Tax Credit.

It is calculated as the sum of income from:
• earnings (gross)
• self-employment
• investments
• disability benefits
• retirement pensions and income support
• other benefits
• other pensions
• other/remaining

Net household weekly income after housing costs (equivalised) – is the sum of the net income of every member of the household. It is calculated using the same components as gross income but income is net of:
• income tax payments;
• national insurance contributions;
• domestic rates/council tax;
• contributions to occupational pension schemes;
• all maintenance and child support payments, which are deducted from the income of the person making the payments
• parental contribution to students living away from
• rent (gross of housing benefit);
• water rates, community water charges and council water charges;
• mortgage interest payments (net of any tax relief);
• structural insurance premiums (for owner occupiers);
• ground rent and service and adjusted to reflect household characteristics.


Identification Number: PE116
Authoring Entity: ONS
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Date of Production: 2005-11-22

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:total_weekly_household_income” title=”Total weekly household income”]

[mkichart type=”ward” dim=”global:economy.global:net_weekly_household_income” title=”Net weekly household income”]