Offences Recorded by the Police 2012/2013: Districts: ( PE162 )

These data comprise key offences from the Home Office’s recorded crime series, which covers all ‘notifiable offences’ recorded by the police. This does not mean all criminal offences, as almost all of the more minor summary offences are excluded (even though the police may record them for their own investigations). The data is taken from the Office for National Statistics website and may be slightly different to figures published elsewhere. The dataset covers districts in England, and relates to offences recorded during the financial year 2012/13. To have a comparison, rates per 1,000 population have been included. The resident population from 2012 Mid-Year Estimates.



Identification Number: PE162
Authoring Entity: Home Office
Producer: Home Office
Copyright: Home Office 2013
Date of Production: 2013-12-16