The Site Allocations Plan is being prepared to support the delivery of the Milton Keynes Core Strategy (adopted July 2013), to maintain a five year land supply of deliverable housing sites. Cabinet is recommended to approve the Site Allocations Plan: Issues and Options document for an eight week consultation period. When adopted, Plan:MK will be the new Local Plan for Milton Keynes, reviewing and replacing the Core Strategy and the saved policies of the existing Milton Keynes Local Plan. It will include an overarching development strategy for the Borough, development management policies to be used in the determination of planning applications and site allocations for various sorts of land uses. The first consultation on Plan:MK is in the form of a series of Topic Papers which cover a variety of issues, intended to generate discussion amongst stakeholders. This report seeks approval from Cabinet to publish those Topic Papers for an extended consultation period of twelve weeks.

Publisher: Milton Keynes Council

Date: July 2014