Pupil Ethnicity (2014): Regions & LEAS ( PE096 )

This table provides information about Pupil Ethnicity as at January 2014 by school type. Education in England is a divided into: primary, secondary, further and higher education. Compulsory education lasts for 11 years; statutory schooling ages are between 5 to 16 years. Most pupils transfer from primary to secondary school at age 11 years. Note: The Missing values in the table indicates fewer than 3 pupils. National and Regional figures are rounded to the nearest 10. The percentage is the number of pupils within that ethnic group as a percentage of all pupils in compulsory education.

Further information: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/schools-pupils-and-their-characteristics-january-2014


Identification Number: PE096
Authoring Entity: Department for Education
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
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Date of Production: 2014-07-10

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:all_pupils” title=”education global: all pupils”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:white” ” title=”education global: white”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:mixed” title=”education global: mixed”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:asian” ” title=”education global: asian”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:black” ” title=”education global: black”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:chinese” ” title=”education global: chinese”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:any_other_ethnic_group” ” title=”education global: any other ethnic group”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education.global:unclassified” ” title=”education global: unclassified”]

[mkichart type=”region” dim=”global:education” ” title=”education global: minority ethnic pupils”]