Skills for Life Survey – Numeracy, Literacy, ICT ( PE118 )

This table provides data from the Skills for Life Survey for Regions, Districts and Wards in Milton Keynes. Figures relate to the proportion of the working age population achieving different levels of literacy, numeracy, and ICT. The SfL Survey was in two parts. The first was based around a 20-minute background interview and two skills assessments one for literacy and one for numeracy. On this basis respondents were assigned to one of 5 skill levels for both literacy and numeracy (Entry level 1 or below, Entry level 2, Entry level 3, Level 1, and Level 2 and above). The survey was clustered by wards within Government Office Regions and there were 8,730 interviews with adults in households aged 16-65, representing a 59% response rate of selected households. Non-response weights have been calculated for region, age and sex. Level 1 is broadly comparable with a low level GCSE (D-G), while Level 2 is comparable with a high level GCSE (A*-C). Entry Level is therefore below a low level GCSE. There is guidance on each of the five levels, for literacy, numeracy and ICT on the QCA website: The guidance includes the expected skills a learner at that level will demonstrate, along with examples of these skills in everyday life, at home or work, and in the community. The second part of the survey comprised a follow-up information, communication and technology (ICT) questionnaire whereby 4,562 of the original respondents sat an ICT awareness assessment and an ICT practical test and were assigned to one of 2 levels; Entry Level or below or Level 1 and above.


Identification Number: PE118
Authoring Entity: DFES
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
Date of Production: 2005-12-15

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