Social Atlas Ranks 2001-2013 ( PE165 )

The Social Atlas is a key tool bringing together a wide range of social and economic indicators that give a quantitative description of all estates across Milton Keynes. It provides an up-to-date snap shot of how things are now and gives some indication of what has changed.

This table outlines the overall rank for estates in the various Social Atlases. The ranks are of 115 for 2012/13, 113 for 2011/12, 111 for 2010/11,109 for 2009/10, 108 for 2007/8 and 2008/9, 107 for 2006/7, 105 2005/6 and 103 for the rest of the years; with 1 being the estate with the most difficulties. For the 2012/3 data overall ranks are based on the following indicators: Housing/Council Tax Benefit Family Referrals Children with Special Educational Needs (4 to 18 year olds) Free School Meals Educational Attainment Older People Clients of Neighbourhood Services Domestic Fires Violent Crime Burglary (Dwellings) Criminal Damage Social Rented Housing Neighbour Complaints Teenage Conceptions (Under 20 year olds) Disabled Concessionary Fares Disabled Clients of Neighbourhood Services Emergency Admissions Non Emergency Admissions The range of indicators has changed between years so the rankings are not directly comparable.


Identification Number: PE165
Authoring Entity: Milton Keynes Council
Copyright: Milton Keynes Council
Date of Production: 2014-02-14