Theme Table 10: Workplace and Daytime Population – Milton Keynes and England and Wales ( PE92 )

This table was obtained from the 2001 Census, Theme Tables. The table provides information in numbers and percentages on various themes on the characteristics of the workplace and daytime population in Milton Keynes. Defintions 1. A dependent child is a person in a household aged 0 to 15 (whether or not in a family) or a person aged 16 to 18 who is a full-time student in a family with parent(s). 2. ‘Other industry’ includes other community; social and personal service activities; private households with employed persons and extra-territorial organisations and bodies. 3. ‘Not classifiable for other reasons’ includes people whose occupation has not been coded and those who cannot be allocated to an NS-SeC category. 4. Lives in area and works outside associated area’ includes people who work offshore or work outside the UK. ‘Lives and works in area’ includes people who work at or mainly from home and those with no fixed place of work. 5. Hours worked is the average number of hours per week worked for the last four weeks before the Census (29 April 2001) in the main job. 6. Workplace population relates to those who work within the area. Daytime population relates to those who work within the area or who live in the area but do not work. 7. Lives and works in the area includes ‘works mainly at home’ and ‘no fixed place’. 8. In England and Wales ‘associated area’ refers to Local Authority District for tables at Ward(Electoral Division in Wales); Parish (Community in Wales) or Output Area level. For all other geographical areas the ‘associated area’ is England and Wales 9. An anomaly in processing resulted in a very small number of instances of ‘Managers and senior officials’ being incorrectly included in the ‘Lives in area and does not work’ category 10. Counts do not include people whose usual residence was outside England and Wales The confidentiality of personal Census information is paramount, and disclosure protection measures are used to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of information about identifiable individuals.



Identification Number: PE92
Authoring Entity: Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Producer: Milton Keynes Council
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Date of Production: 2005-02-22