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Milton Keynes Population, Household & Labour Market Projections Bulletin 2016/17

The Population, Household & Labour Force Projections Bulletin provides population estimates and population projections for Milton Keynes. It includes population projections for the borough, wards, estates and parishes. It also includes age profiles, housing projections, household types and labour force. Publisher: Milton Keynes Council Date: January 2017 Files REPORT-Milton Keynes Population Bulletin 2016-17 (2 MB)

Unemployment 2017

Unemployment rates for Milton Keynes, including links to unemployment reports. Latest Unemployment Figures The number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) in Milton Keynes stood at 2,135 in May 2017.  This represents a JSA claimant rate of 1.3% which is slightly above the rate in both the UK (1.2%) and the South East (0.8%). Milton Keynes […]

GVA 2015

The Office for National Statistics publishes information on Gross Value Added (GVA).  GVA can be defined as the increase in the value of the economy due to the production of goods and services. Data is available on total GVA, GVA per head and annual growth. Latest GVA figures   Citation Authoring Entity: Office for National […]

Business Size Distribution (2013): Regions & Districts ( JD61E )

The data shows the business size distribution for March 2013. It is released by the Office for National Statistics via the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR). The business size is determined by the number of employees working for the company at that location. Business size is divided into the following classifications: All Businesses 0 to […]

Businesses (local units) by Industrial Group (2009-2013): Regions & Districts ( JD67E )

This table shows the number of businesses (local units) in regions and districts in England split by industrial type. The data refers to March 2009 to 2013. A local unit is an individual site (for example a factory or shop) in an enterprise. The data is published by ONS and is compiled from the Inter- […]

ILO (International Labour Organization) Unemployment (2007-13): Regions & Districts ( PE115 )

This dataset provides figures for modelled ILO Unemployment for districts and regions in England. Official estimates of unemployment are produced by ONS based upon the ILO (International Labour Organization) definition. A separate series – the claimant count – measures how many unemployed people are claiming unemployment-related benefits. ILO Unemployment is a count of jobless people […]

Business Demography (2004-2012): Regions & Districts ( JD62E )

This dataset includes births, deaths and total stocks of UK enterprises. Births A birth is defined as a business that was present in year t, but did not exist in year t-1 or t-2. Births are identified by making a comparison of annual active population files and identifying those present in the latest file, but […]

MK & Adjacent: Districts, Wards – National Statistics Socio-Economic Classifications (KS14) ( JD143C )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. This table provides information in number and percentages of population by National Statistics Socio-Economic Classifications (NS-SEC). National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SeC) was introduced by the Government to replace Social Class based on Occupation (also known as the Registrar General’s Social Class) and Socio-Economic Groups (SEG). […]

MK & Adjacent: Districts, Wards – Economic Activity (KS09) ( JD93Cb )

These data were obtained from the 2001 Census, Key Statistics. The table provides information, in numbers and percentages on the Economic activity. Economic Activity relate to whether or not a person was working or looking for work in the week before Census. The concept of Economic Activity is compatible with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) […]